is a variable fuel surcharge used by freight and courier companies to recoup costs for fuel increases at the pump. This can change weekly and sometimes daily in this climate. This charge will appear on invoices for products/services as a separate entry on invoices from Zend.


are Road User Charges that trucking companies must pay based on the maximum weight that a truck can potentially move. 

Please note, the Ministry of Transport have increased the Road User Charges effective from 1 July 2020, all rates below will include this increase. If you require further information please visit 

Applicable FAF and RUC rates for December 2023
Bascik Transport 24.90%
Booths Transport 18.83%
Castle Parcels 14.6%
DB Schenker TBC
DHL 31.50%
First Global Logistics 33.16%
Fliway 18.00%
Jets Transport 25.50%
Kiwi Express  14.80%
Mackley TBC
Mondiale TBC
Move Logistics 7.71%
New Zealand Couriers 13.60%


PBT - Courier 19.09%
PBT - Transport 19.09%
Peake Logistics TBC
Post Haste 14.60%
STL Linehaul Ltd 22%
Sub 60 14.80%
Summerland 18.83%
Move Logistics (TIL) 7.71%
Team Global Express 12.20%
Urgent Couriers 20.60%



Some of our freight providers add on surcharges for particular freight movements. These surcharges will appear on Zend invoices as a separate entry.

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