Goodbye Courier Solutions, 
Hello ZEND.

1 APRIL 2019


We've changed names.

Essentially it’s all business as usual but we’ve got some big news ... we’ve changed names from Courier Solutions to Zend.

Since 1996, we’ve helped businesses like yours navigate the ever-changing world of distribution and logistics. We’ve always had a commitment to keep innovating and growing and this name change is a reflection of that continued evolution.

Funnily enough, we’re 22 years old—the same age that Cassius Clay became Ali and incidentally won his first world heavyweight title. Although the comparison isn’t perfect, Ali makes a wonderful illustration for the way we approach optimising and tailoring distribution solutions for businesses:

Nimble, quick, responsive, intelligent, and always ready to talk.

Our new name, Zend, seeks to capture the energy we have for leading the way in how products are sent. It speaks to our striving for mastery of customer service, of navigating logistical challenges and tailoring the ideal solution for each business.

Zend sounds like “send”, but expresses that we’ve got the full A-Z of distribution needs covered.

This video explains the change in more detail:

So, with us rebranding as Zend, while everything else remains exactly the same, why don’t we take this moment to talk about how we can further optimise your distribution, navigate challenges and consistently deliver for your customers.

Give us a call any time, day or night, on 0800 771 747.

Visit the home page of our new website here:

Our old website will auto-forward to and, from today, all of our updates, plus new and improved functionality, will live on this new site.

Thanks again for trusting us to optimise your deliveries.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce McEwen

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